Today’s businesses have spent heavily on e-business solutions and web based applications in order to promote and sell products, provide customer service, and interact with business partners on the Web.

Neotech Global Solusindo have a full range of custom interactive web application and development services. We lay emphasis on building applications for its customers that help in the development of customized cost-effective solutions for the most advanced Internet projects. We at Neotech Global Solusindo provide in-house development of web-based, database applications to enhance business processes through the use of the latest technology.

The Process :


The Website development process begins with requirements elicitation that involves discussing and analyzing the client requirements. Upon completion of requirements elicitation, a Software Requirements Specifications document (SRS) is produced precisely outlining the system with its goals and functionality. Once finalized, the project is then divided into various milestones and the timeline drawn. One of the very first milestones is the blueprint development which acts as a prototype for the project. The project then undergoes continuous development and enhancements to the final release of the project.

  • Decision / Planning
  • Website Development / Coding / Graphic Design
  • Testing
  • Website Launch
  • Project Completion

We are competent in:

  • Web Development of custom designed solutions.
  • Full-Service Web Site Development.
  • Web-enabled Databases development and Applications.
  • Web application development, Business to Consumer Web Sites.
  • E-Business and E-Commerce-enabled Web Sites development.
  • Simple “Static” Sites or Complex Interactive Sites development.